Episode 18

Published on:

21st Jun 2022

Wake Up The Mighty Men!

Where are the Mighty Men and Women of God? Many are asleep. Many are tired. Many are discouraged. It is time for the Generals to be re-ignited with the battle plan (vision).

There is a Remnant Rising. There are people hungry for the next level of understanding and revelation. They are in a battle and they need someone to lead them.

The Generals are those that have been faithful. They didn't quit when others did. They are still in the fight.

Larry reveals how the key to the greatness of your life being revealed is getting under the covering of someone who can see it and pull it out of you.

God is not through with the Generals and he is not through with you. This podcast will change the trajectory of your life. If you listen and allow it to do so.

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The Remnant LEADERSHIP Podcast
Encouraging and Equipping Remnant Leaders of today to stay focused on the BIG PICTURE and remember the mandate on their lives for this generation and those to come!
Equipping Remnant Leaders of the church and business world for maximum impact through the lens of THE BIG PICTURE! We discuss leadership principles, life challenges, current events, or anything else that is affecting the believer's influence in our culture today.

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